It is my honor and privilege to connect people to their loved ones who have crossed over to the Spiritual Realm and who are in the Divine Light. Your loved ones welcome the opportunity to connect with you, to deliver messages of love and healing. They also want you to know they are still connected; they haven’t left you because they have transitioned to the Spiritual Realm. Mediumship readings are a beautiful experience. Your loved ones will infuse me with their personalities, thoughts and emotions that were intrinsic to them here in the physical world, so you can validate it is them! If they were a boisterous personality here, then they will be boisterous also when they connect. There is never any judgment for us here, readings are filled with love, laughter, forgiveness, and peace. This is my passion and joy, and I take my job as a medium seriously and with integrity. The reason I request by appointment only is so I can meditate and focus on your energy before a reading.  

Currently available on Saturdays only at Expanding Heart. 



Melissa Russ   Psychic Medium