Expanding Heart Center

Artist statement
Intrigued by the glitz and grime of Manhattan, I journeyed there half a dozen times to photograph what I saw. Captured on black and white film or with a digital camera, sixteen images tell a story of the city's glamour and a return to the healing peace found in nature.

Artist bio
Born stereoblind, my brain sees with one eye at a time - just like a camera. A high-school boyfriend gave me a Polaroid Swinger for my birthday and photography brought me the world. Later with a 35mm SLR camera I discovered the magic of light and color chemistry, and found that photographs bear witness to one's internal world.

a photo journey by Shannon Beatty

DECEMBER 1, 2020 - JANUARY 31, 2021‚Äč

Expanding Heart Center Gallery

For exhibits during 2020 at the gallery situated in the lobby of this holistic health center. Exhibits planned for two month periods.  Healing and affirmative themes are encouraged. There is room for approximately 15-20 pieces. 

Artists should provide:
a resume including exhibit experience
Up to five jpeg images no larger than 2MB, or 2000 pixels on the largest side, and email to:  ehcgallery@ gmail.com or photographs may be sent or dropped off at the center. 
Submissions may be emailed to:  ehcgallery@gmail.com or hendrix2723@gmail.com
Questions to Linda Agar-Hendrix, Curator:  240-446-1094

art gallery

'Got to get back to the garden'

For Additional information, please contact
Linda Agar-Hendrix, Gallery Curator