"A Walk to the Beach" _ Shari Kuhn

upcoming Exhibit:
John Kuhn Photography &
​Shari kuhn watercolorist

July 14-Sept 10, 2018
Opening Reception:  sat, July 14, 5-8pm

John Kuhn Photography
     "More than a century ago, pioneer photographers fought to have photography recognized as an art form. In some sense the fight for 'photographic art' is still going on. One must realize that no amount of technical knowledge and competence with equipment is sufficient to turn a photographer into an artist. You need a vision and the desire to improve that vision. Although digital cameras and computers now play a major role in my photography, I try not to manipulate my images beyond what could be accomplished in a traditional darkroom. In-camera filter settings have largely replaced on-lens filters, and saturation settings have replaced the use of highly-saturated film, but the vision and art of photography has not changed. Although photography has been a passion of mine for more than thirty years, it is rare that I am completely satisfied with my work. Like any artist, I am always searching for ways to improve my vision."

Shari Kuhn Watercolor Artist
     Shari Kuhn is a native of Maryland and has been creating watercolor paintings since 2005. She has always felt a connection to nature and is the most content when outdoors surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature. Whether painting mountain landscapes, nautical scenes, gardens, or vintage buildings, she endeavors to capture the innate beauty of the scene. Watercolor painting is a form of meditation for Shari and it allows her to connect more deeply with nature and her artwork.
     She has taken numerous Watercolor classes and learned something from each of her instructors, but was especially moved by an instructor whose use of vibrant color in her paintings was inspirational. Shari has since strived to make her paintings ‘sing with color’ and doesn’t create her paintings as realistic reproductions, but rather as impressionistic interpretations.

"Acadia" -John Kuhn

For Additional information, please contact
Linda Agar-Hendrix, Gallery Curator

Expanding Heart Center Gallery

For exhibits during 2018 at the gallery situated in the lobby of this holistic health center. Exhibits planned for two month periods.  Healing and affirmative themes are encouraged. There is room for approximately 15-20 pieces. 

Artists should provide:
a resume including exhibit experience
Up to five jpeg images no larger than 2MB, or 2000 pixels on the largest side, and email to:  ehcgallery@ gmail.com or photographs may be sent or dropped off at the center. 
Submissions may be emailed to:  ehcgallery@gmail.com or hendrix2723@gmail.com
Questions to Linda Agar-Hendrix, Curator:  240-446-1094

Expanding Heart Center

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