Esther Elvinsdotter RMP

     In May of 2014 Esther Elvinsdotter graduated from the Central Maryland School of Massage, successfully obtaining her license for massage therapy in the US. Admittedly however, Esther’s history in massage therapy was initiated much earlier. Born and raised in Sweden, the interest Esther had acquired for massage therapy first took flight in 1990 when she received therapeutic training from Anne-Marie Karlsson Chiropractics in Gothemburg, Sweden. It was there that Esther earned her first degree in massage before operating as a therapist in the Health Club environment and later relocating to the United States in 1992.
     Esther grew up in an environment focused on natural health and thus procured a strong desire to aid in humanities health and happiness. Through professional training she has enhanced her natural abilities in the field of therapeutic touch, certified her skills in the integration of medical tuning forks in massage, and is now better able to help guide the body towards better health and homeostasis. So long as the body is treated and cared for properly, Esther is a strong believer in the idea that the body is capable of healing many dysfunctions itself, and thoroughly hopes to aid curious clients in pursuit to better living and health.

Esther is a RMP (Registered Massage Practitioner) in Maryland,
LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
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