Beth Johnson, Psychotherapist

 Welcome to Nurturing Your Journey!

 Welcome to the you that you actually want to be. I am a passionate Psychotherapist ready to guide you in emotionally decluttering your life to make room for peace and happiness.

 We are all on our own personal journey toward the life we truly want to be living and my purpose is to help you nurture this journey. I help you find the freedom to shine up the pieces in your life that you want to keep and let go of pieces that no longer fit.

 I am especially skilled in teaching clients how to reinvest in themselves, listen to their inner voice, and develop a new normal amidst life transitions.

 I offer knowledge in how to diffuse negative and limiting beliefs, improve self-care and ignite full potential. I teach clients to live a vibrant and authentic life; the one you really want to be living.   

Beth Johnson LCSW-C